Notification Revised Rates of Financial Assistance Punjab Government Employees 2023-24

Financial Assistance Punjab Government Employees

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Notification Revised Rates of Financial Assistance Punjab Government Employees 2023-24

The Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a Notification recently in December 2023 regarding the Revised Financial Assistance package 2023 Punjab Government for the family of a civil servant who died during his service.

The family of employees of the government of Punjab who die while doing jobs will get financial assistance according to new enhanced rates 2023.

According to new notification, the Employment under Rule 17-A of the PCS rules 1974 will be discontinued. Prior to this notification the child or the widow of the employee in BS-1 to BS-11 (including the post of patwari and junior clerk) would have gotten the job. Now as per new rules of Govt of Punjab, the lump sum payment amount, has been increased. This rule as per new notification will be effective from 21st November 2023.

Punjab Government Revision in Financial Assistance Packages 2023

The Government of Pakistan, through its Finance Department, issues a directive to all competent authorities considering the revision of the Financial Assistance Package allocated to the families of civil servants who die while in service. The purpose of this rule is to award the dedication of civil servants, acknowledging their good work by not only providing attractive salaries during their tenure but helping their
families in case of their unfortunate death during serving. This support entails a lump sum grant ranging from BPS-01 up to BPS-20 and beyond, ensuring financial assistance to their children and widows.

Scale NoExisting Rates Revised Rates
Bps_1 to 41.6 M5.0 M
Bps_5 to 101.9 M7.5 M
Bps_11 to 152.2 M10 M
Bps_16 to 172.5 M 15 M
Bps_18 to 183.4 M20 M
Bps_20 to above 4.0 M20 M

Punjab Government Jobs Assistance Package Punjab 2024

As per the new rules and notification of the government of Punjab the son, daughter, or widow will not get a job now. Prior to this rule the son/ daughter/ widow would have gotten the job in place of the employee . The Jobs would have been regular or contract. The jobs include different posts like Patwari or Junior clerk or some other posts.

Change in amount of Financial Assistant Packages for Different Pay Scales of Punjab govt

  1. As per new package now the amount is changed from Rs.1.60 million to Rs.5.0 million for employees falling within BPS-01 to BPS-04.
  2. For employees of BPS-05 to BPS-10, the revised rates have been changed from Rs.1.90 million to Rs.7.5 million.
  3. Families of deceased employees from BPS-11 up to BPS-15 will now get an amount of Rs.10 million.
  4. Deceased families in BPS-16 to BPS-17 categories are entitled to receive Rs.15 million.
  5. The Amount of Rs.20 million is entitled for govt officials in BPS-18 to BPS-19, a significant enhancement from the previous Rs.3.40 million
  6. The revised Financial Assistance Package for families of deceased Civil servants in BPS-20 and above now stands at Rs.20 million.
Financial Assistance Punjab Government Employees
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