Css Age Calculator – Best PMS FPSC Age Calculator 2023

Css Age Calculator - Best PMS FPSC Age Calculator 2023

Age Calculator for CSS, PMS & FPSC

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Css Age Calculator is one of the most demanding tool for all candidates who want to appear in FPSC Css exam. There is specific age criteria fixed for CSS Exam, PMS and FPSC exams. The candidates who are government employees can appear in CSS and PMS exam upto 32 years while other than government employees can appear upto 30 years. Therefore to solve all CSS, PMS and FPSC test aspirants problem we have developed CSS age calculator , PMS age calculator and FPSC age calculator so that aspirants can check their age with one click .This css age calculator is also useful for government employees and government have to enter their data in CSS age calculator for government employees.

How To Check Your Age Via CSS Age Calculator.

The candidates who wants to check their   exact age have for CSS and PMS exam have to follow the steps as explained  below

  1. First of all the candidates have to visit the Css age calculator page as available on 8171ehsaas.com
  2. Now you have to select your date of birth from the calendar available in search box
  3. You can also enter your date of birth manually by typing you age directly in the box 
  4. Once you enter the age click on Check age for css and pms exam button and you will see your age including total number of years, months and days.

What is age limit for CSS Exam ?

The candidates who are government employees can apply for CSS exam upto 32 years of age while those candidates who are not government employees can apply for CSS exam upto 30 years of age.

What is eligibility criteria for css exam?

The candidates having at least 14 years of qualification or graduation in iny field are eligible to apply for css exam.But the candidates age must be under limit.

What is CSS Exam?

The CSS exam, is also known as the Central Superior Services exam. CSS is a competitive examination conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan. For CSS exam visit fpsc website www.fpsc.gov.pk .It is considered one of the most prestigious and sought-after exams in Pakistan. The CSS exam is a prestigious exam in Pakistan that selects candidates for civil service positions in the federal government. Successful candidates are appointed to various positions, such as the Pakistan Administrative Service, Foreign Service of Pakistan, and Police Service of Pakistan.

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