8070 Free Atta KP Gov Registration Online 2023

8070 Free Atta KP Gov Registration Online 2023

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Government, with guidance from the Federal Government, has launched a new website called www.freeatta.kp.gov.pk. The website, developed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB), aims to provide free flour (atta) to eligible citizens during the Holy month of Ramzan. To check the status of free flour distribution, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa citizens can simply type “free ata kp gov pk” in Google to find the official website of the government. Alternatively, they can also send their CNIC number to 8171 to receive a response with their free flour status, and then visit the nearest flour distribution center accordingly.

Similar to this, the Punjab government has also launched a web portal with the number 8070 for free flour distribution, which is also available for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa citizens to check their eligibility and beneficiary details. But keep in mind the free atta scheme is now Stopped by government and hopefully after Eid Up Fitar  Apr 2023 the Free ata scheme will be launched in 2nd Phase. For more details visit free ata website www.freeatta.kp.gov.pk or download Marsatyal App.

How To Check Eligibility Status For Free ata kp gov pk Scheme 2023

  • ‌To check eligibility status, enter CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) on official website www.freeatt.kp.gov.pk
  • ‌KP citizens can also download Marastyal App to check name for free ata 2022.
  • ‌Once eligibility is confirmed, visit designated free atta distribution points in respective districts.
  • ‌Only one person per family is eligible to receive 10 kg of free atta thrice a month.
  • ‌The same eligibility for free atta can aslo be checked by sending cnic number to 8070.
  • ‌Note: 8070 free atta scheme is also available to Punjab domiciled holders.But Punjab residents have to send cnic number to 8171 to check free ata beneficiary verification.

Free Atta Beneficiary Verification Check Online kp gov pk

‌To determine if you are eligible for the Muft free Atta Scheme follow these guidelines.

  • To participate in the Free Atta Program, please visit the KP Government website at https://freeatta.kp.gov.pk/.
  • ‌Enter your CNIC   number in check bix and click on chec now to know about eligibility.
  • ‌After pressing Check now button your eligibility status will be displayed.
  • ‌If you are eligible, you should await further correspondence from the government or visit your nearest free ata distribution center to get free Muft atta.
  • ‌If your name does not appear on the list, it means you are not eligible to receive Free Atta.
  • ‌Please note that only BISP-registered citizens are eligible to receive complimentary flour, and non-BISP registered individuals are not eligible for this program.

Free Ata Subsidy For  Punjab Check Status

The Punjab citizen who wants to avail the free atta opportunity have to follow the following guidelines to check free data subsidy status.

  • ‌The Punjab IT Board has recently launched a new online portal, www.atasubsidy.punjab.gov.pk, allowing citizens residing in Punjab to check their eligibility for free atta (flour) during the month of Ramazan.
  • ‌ So visit the free atta subsidy portal and enter your cnic number to check your status.
  • ‌Interested aspirants  can determine their eligibility for free atta subsidy by entering their CNIC number on www.atasubsidy.punjab.gov.pk  in the designated search box and clicking on the search option.
  • ‌A comprehensive video guide is also available, providing step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the free atta subsidy.So watch this guideline available on free ata subsidy website
  • ‌This initiative represents a significant step towards promoting equitable access to basic food commodities, showcasing the Punjab IT Board’s commitment to facilitating public welfare.


1.How To avail free atta opportunity?

To avail free atta opportunity send your cnic number to 8171 while kp residents have to send cnic number to 8070.The same free atta status can be checked via www.atasubsidy.punjab.gov.pk(For Punjab) while KP residents can check via (https://freeatta.kp.gov.pk/).

2.What is Eligibility Criteria for free atta?

The candidates who are registered with Bisp or ehsaas program and have following economic condition are eligible for free att.

  • ‌Low Income Families.
  • ‌Orphans and Widows.
  • ‌People with disabilities and Aged People
  • ‌People registered with BISP and having Bisp score less than 60
  • ‌People having monthly income less than 40 thousand are also eligible for free atta scheme 2023.

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