Salary Increment Calculator After Budget 2023-2024

Salary Increment Calculator After Budget 2023-2024

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Dear Member input your salary to Show the increment in your Salary as per Budget 2023 -2024

As Budget 2023-24 has been announced and now you can calculate salary increases via the Salary increment calculator. The government has announced a reasonable increment in salaries for all government employees and pensioners. The Federal Government announced 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 for BPS-01 to BPS-16 and for BPS-17 & Above the said rate is 30% of the running basic pay.

We Create a Calculator to find the Increase in the Salary Budget for 2023-2024 in percentage. It’s simple and easy to find an Increase in Salary Adhoc Allowance due to this calculator. Thus put your Data in the calculator and due to one Click find out a result. Its simply Three Steps process

Salary Increment Calculator as per Budget 2023 - 2024

How To Use Salary Increments Calculator.

We Created a Calculator Name “Salary Increment Calculator” to find the percentage increase in your Salary According to the Adhoc Relief Allowance as announced in Federal Budget 2023-24.

There are Three Steps in this Salary Increment Calculator to find your Salary Increment,  put your Data in this Salary Increment Calculator,on one Click you will  finds out a Result (Increment in Salary) .

Now How to find your Salary Increment in this Increment Calculator. follow the Simple Steps given below 👇 in video

  1. Enter your Basic Running Salary
  2. select your Grade / Scale.
  3. Click on Calculate button.

You will See Increment Salary in Result.


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