How to Apply For Learner License In Punjab Via DLIMS|Driving License Tracking

Guide to apply for Learner License in Punjab via DLIMS|Driving License Tracking

Punjab dlims license online apply 2024

The Pujab citicizen can now apply renew and check Driving License Tracking via punjab offoical website The government of Punjab has introduced a system of online Learner Driving license to get your driving license by applying online for dlims Punjab driving license. It is to inform the people of Punjab that online driving license check Punjab is now open to provide you with different facilities like driving license tracking, LTV License check online and driving renewal online.

Dlims Punjab tracking can be used to check your driving license tracking and dlims Punjab gov pk Register. This change was brought about after a huge crowd was witnessed at different driving license centers and offices for issuing licenses.

The Punjab Chief Minister Naqvi had decided to start the service of online driving him license in Punjab after his visit to different offices in Lahore and received complaints about the slow system and delay in issuing the driving licenses.

Apply Online for Learner Driving License in Punjab 2024

All the candidates must visit the Punjab government dlims website to get their dlims e license and Click on the link below to apply for dlims driving license.

1: First of all Create your account by signing up on the DLIMS licensing website

2: Fill out all the columns of online application form

3: Upload the required documents like CNIC, medical certificate etc

4: PSID will be generated and pay it via ATM or online banking or mobile apps like Easy paisa, Jazz cash or mobile banking.

About DLIMS Driving License Information Management System

Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Phase-II is an active platform for driving license issuance, renewal and upgrades. These activities are being facilitated in the province of Punjab. This process provides a quick service to the people of Punjab by use of the art technology and modern equipment. The system issues all types of licenses like Driving license, learner driving license, Driving license tracking, driving license renewal by utilizing a centralized network.

Driving license tracking in Punjab Via DLIMS

If you want to check the current status of your driving license in Punjab, you can do it easily on the DLIMS website. DLIMS stands for Driving License Issuance Management System, and it is a digital platform that provides various services related to driving licenses in Punjab. To track your driving license online, you need to follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the DLIMS website: Begin your journey at, your one-stop destination for license tracking and renewal applications.
  2. Grab your CNIC: Have your CNIC (ID card) number ready to unlock the status of your license. Remember, no dashes are needed—just enter the numbers smoothly.
  3. Click and track: Once you’ve entered your CNIC, hit the “Track” button and let the system do its magic. In a moment, you’ll have the latest information about your driver’s license status right at your fingertips.

That’s all you need to do. You will see the latest information about your driving license, such as its validity, expiry date, category, and status. You can also download or print your license details from the website. 🚗


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