PTS Jobs 2023- Application Form Download

PTS Jobs

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PTS Jobs 2023- Application Form Download

Pakistan Testing Service PTS has announced Exam invigilators and other test administration staff to enhance PTS manpower for conducting tests all over the country.PTS is an international standard organisation which performs multiple services in a secure environment through its own official website via currently situation most of the people are confused about that how to login at and how to apply for jobs 2023.So in this article we will discuss all about that how to apply for PTS jobs 2023 and how to download application form through .

Pakistan Testing Service PTS introduction

In Pakistan, there is a company called Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) that helps companies and government organisations find the right people for jobs. PTS was created in 2014. Pakistan Testing Service PTS gives tests to see how good someone is at different jobs.PTS makes special tests for companies or schools, according to what they need. PTS gives these tests at accepted places and checks the answers and makes the final results.

PTS Registration And Login Procedures

If you want to apply for jobs 2023 and get the application form and roll number slip, you need to start by making an account on the Pakistan Testing Service PTS official website. Just go to and click on the PTS sign-up button to create your account. After you finish signing up and registering, you can download the PTS jobs 2023 application form and roll number slip. To do this, visit the official website of PTS and click on the Jobs button to get the roll number slip. You can choose to fill out the application online or download the form from the official website of PTS.

How To Register For PTS Official Website Apply Online Of Jobs 2023

  • All aspirant candidates must follow the following steps to apply Online for PTS jobs 2023 at
  • In the first step all candidates must have to visit the Pakistan Testing Service PTS website
  • Now you have to find jobs of your own interest.
  • To make your account, click on the PTS sign up button.
  • Now the Application form will appear on your screen.
  • Now, enter your name, email, CNIC number, and password to create your account on the PTS website.
  • You can also get the application form in PDF format and the roll number slip from the PTS website, which is

PTS jobs 2023

Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) assists companies and government organisations in locating suitable candidates for job positions.To apply for PTS  jobs 2023 online, candidates must have to visit the PTS website All aspiring candidates can easily submit their job applications form through the PTS online portal .At the moment the following positions are vacant in PTS Headquarter and Regional offices.

  • Reigional Director Marketing
  • Assistant Director Marketing
  • Test Center Supervisor
  • Exam Invigilators

How Do I Reset My PTS Password?

Here is an easy guide to change your Pakistan Testing Service PTS password:-

Visit the PTS website at and click on the PTS login button on the homepage.
A login form will click ‘Yes’ where it says PTS Forgotten Password.
Type in your CNIC number that you used for your PTS account and press Continue.
You will receive a code on your phone. Enter this code on the PTS portal and click “Continue.”
Now, put in the new password you want for your PTS account and press “Confirm” to complete the process of changing your PTS password

How Do I Check My Application Form Status?

If you want to know the status of your application form, follow these steps:-
Open the official PTS website at
Now scroll down on the PTS homepage and look for the “Support” section.
Click on the “Check PTS Application Status” button. This will take you to the next PTS page.
Put in your CNIC number and tap the “Check Application Form Status” button.
Your application status will appear on the PTS portal.

How can I apply for a PTS job?

To apply for PTS jobs 2023 online, you have to visit the PTS website Make an account and fill out the application form. Now put your name, email ,CNIC number and other relevant documents.

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