Moon Sighting Pakistan 2024 – Islamic Events


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Moon Sighting Pakistan 2024 – Islamic Events

Pakistan Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee has the task of moon sighting and decides the Islamic months date accordingly. Islamic Events and Festivals are dependent on moon sighting in Pakistan. Moon sighting has always been an issue for countries like Pakistan. For religious festivals the issue like Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha the issue of seeing the moon is always an issue.

Hijri Calendar 1445 Hijri 2024

The Hijri Calendar is very important to follow the Islamic Calendar according to the lunar system. 1445 Hijri is in progress and the 1st month of Islamic Calendar is Muharram followed by Safar, Rabiul Awal, Rabius sani, Rajab, Shaban, Jamadul ola, Jamadusani, Ramzan, Shawal, Zeqaad, Zil haj. The most important month of Islamic year is Ramadan in which Muslim observe fasts and after that they celebrate Eid ul Fitar on 1st Shawal every year.

Important Islamic Evens/Festivals

Important Events of Islam are the following

  1. Eid ul Fitar
  2. Eid ul Adha
  3. Rabbiul Awal
  4. Ramzan

Visibility maps 2024

These visibility Maps indicate visibility after sunset at each location locally (latitude and longitude) on a specific date of the year

Ruit e hilal committee Pakistan

Moon sighting has always been an issue in Pakistan almost every year. This controversy started at the end of Ramzan before Eid ul fitr and sometimes before Ramadan.

People of different areas and Provinces celebrate Eid according to the moon sighting in their own areas as the Central and provincial governments don’t come to a single point on this moon issue in Pakistan.

Although the government of Pakistan is trying its best to celebrate the Eid UL Fitar festival on the same day in all Pakistan yet this issue needs to be resolved due differences of opinion in different areas of Pakistan about the moon

Moon sighting website 2024

The government of Pakistan had launched the moon sighting website at that time when Fawad Chaudhry was federal minister for Sciences and Technology. Pakistan’s first official moonsighting website was developed in may 2019. This was a very good initiative by the government at that time.

Moon sighting controversy in Pakistan

Each year the controversy of moon sighting is created by religious and political groups in Pakistan. Due to this controversial issue Eid ul Fitar 1st Shawal is celebrated on different dates in Pakistan.

This issue is mainly a hot topic in KPK because in KPK some districts celebrate Eid on one day and others on next day.
The government is doing its best to celebrate this religious festival on the same day but this controversy is still existing in some parts of Pakistan.

Mobile Application (App) for moon sighting 2024

It was said at that time in 2019 that a Mobile app will be prepared for moon sighting. This will solve the issue of sighting the moon in different areas. People can use this app to know the exact date of the new moon, half moon and full moon.

Moon sighting 1445

Moon sighting 1445 will also remain a hot issue and tending topic as previously.

1445 hijri has been started and different festivals of Islamic months will be celebrated as usual.

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