Eid ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika in Urdu

Eid ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika in Urdu

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Eid ul-adha Namaz Ka Tarika in Urdu

Eid ul-adha Namaz, Eid ul Adha is also known as festival of sacrifice is one of the most important holidays in Islamic calendar. Every year Muslims celebrate Eid ul Adha. Before sacrifying they perform the Eid al-adha namaz. It is celebrated on 10th day of Islamic month of Dhul hajjah. On this page we will share Eid al-adha namaz procedure ( Eid ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika in Urdu). To know about the Eid ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika fellow the given steps below one by one.

Make Niyyat

Before starting the prayer make the intention of Eid al-adha namaz.

Takbiratul Ihram

Raise your hands up to your ears and see Allah Hu Akbar. This is the beginning of Eid ul Adha Namaz.

Recite Surah Fatiha

After Takbiratul Ihram, recite Surah Fatiha or any other Surah followed by a short Surah from the Quran.

Roku and Sajdha

After reciting Surah Fatiha performing Roku and Sajdha. Roku is bowing down your hands on your knees. Sajdha is prostrating on the ground with your forehead, nose and plams of your hands touching the ground.

At- Tahiyat

After completing the Roku and Sajdha sit back on your heels and recite At Tahiyat.

Durood Sharif

After At-Tahiyat, recite Durood Sharif. Durood Sharif is a prayer that sends blessings upon Prophet Muhammad SAW.


After the rules Sharif raise your hands and make dua. Dua is a personal prayer that you can make to Allah SWT.


After Dua,turn your head and say”Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Then, turn your head to the left and say the same Salam.

Eid ul-adha Namaz Time

The time of Eid ul Adha Namaz is dependents upon on location. For example the Eid ul Adha Namaz Time in major cities of Pakistan like Rawalpindi 6:30am , Peshawar 7:30am , Karachi 6:15 am , Wanda Madat 7:00am etc.

Eid ul Adha ka Khutba

Alhamdulillah Eid ul Adha Mubarak! Today as we celebrate eid ul Adha let us reflect on the sacrifice of prophet Hazrat Ibrahim Ali salam and his son Hazrat Ismail Ali salam. Their unwavering faith and obedience to Allah SWT serve as a reminder of our own commitment to his will.

Let us use this day to strengthen our bond with Allah follow his teaching and live lives that are pleasing to him. Main Eid ul Adha brings, unity and blessing to all of us.

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