Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date Salary Increase update

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date Salary Increase update

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date Salary Increase update

The Budget 2023-24 Salary increase update in Pakistan is trending topic among Pakistani Citizens . 03 proposals of Salary increase in 2023-24 are under consideration and according to sources the employees may get an increase of 20%, 30% and 50% increase in Salaries in upcoming budget 2023-24. The government of Pakistan has declared the budget 2023-24 date and the tentative date of Budget is 9th June 2023 in which salary increase 2023-24 for government servants will be consideration of the government.

The budget will be presented in the Senate by Pakistan’s Finance Minister Mr Ishaq Dar. It is expected in budget 2023 24 Salary increase that the allowances such as Medical & Conveyance Allowance will be enhanced by the government of Pakistan by 100% of the current allowances. The HRA & Rental Ceiling will also be enhanced in addition to salary increase 2023-24 for government employees. In this Fiscal year Budget 2023-24 the pension will also be increased by 20% giving benefit to the Pensioners of Pakistan.

In Pakistan the present inflation and hike in prices have forced the cabinet members to give their suggestions about increase in all adhoc relief allowances of employees. The government of Pakistan has conveyed that budget 2023-24 will give a huge relief to the citizens of Pakistan.
Considering the Provincial Budget the budget 2023-24 Punjab will be presented after 9 June 2023.
The budget 2023-24 salary increase in Sindh is also a trending topic in Sindh Province hoping for a big relief from the government.

Budget 2023-24 date Pakistan

The budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date is expected in June 2023. Different news channels have different news about budget dates in Pakistan. The budget for the financial year 2023-24 is expected to be presented before 15th June 2023.

Some media Channels are giving latest updates about the budget 2023-24 Pakistan date which is going to present soon within a week. The government of Pakistan conveyed that the budget for the fiscal Year 2023-24 will be presented on Friday the 9th June 2023. The arrangements are being made for the budget for the year 2023-24. The government of Pakistan has said that in this Friendly Budget 2023-24 the People will get a big relief on almost all the items and the inflation will be controlled.

20% to 50% Salary increase in Budget 2023-24

The government employees are hoping that the government will announce an increment of 50% to 100% in their Salaries and allowances in the current difficult economic situations. According to media Channels and newspapers, there are three suggestions about Salary increase 20% increase or 30% increase or 50% increase in the Salary of employees. Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Pension increase is also under discussion and hopefully pensioners will get an increase of 20%.
The cabinet has also given proposals about an increase in various allowances like Medical & Conveyance Allowance, House Rent & Rental Ceiling Hiring Accommodations, Traveling allowance and Adhoc relief Allowances.
This website will give you all the updates about budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary increase Latest news. Considering the Budget 2023-24 summary you will get a budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary increase chart later on our website.

Budget 2023-24 Increase in Allowances

Considering the Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary increase different increments in Salaries and allowances will be as below:

  1. 20%, 30% or 50% increment in the Salaries
  2. Increment of 100% in Medical Allowance
  3. Enhancement of 100% in Conveyance Allowance
  4. 50-70 % TA/DA increase
  5. 20 % increase in Pensions of Pensioners.

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan increase in HRA & Rental Ceiling

It is also heard from some reliable sources that enhancement in HRA and Rental Ceiling for hiring is also under consideration. The Hiring or rental ceiling and HRA of Government employees will be increased up to 50% in Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary increase. The existing rates will be renewed and increased for the rental ceiling of the government employees. HRA or Hiring rates increment will be a huge relief for the government employees who have been suffering from inflation.

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Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date Salary Increase update
Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Date Salary Increase update

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